Eli Lilly and Company Announces Cancer Breakthrough: Still on the Cutting Edge of Healing

Eli Lilly and Company of Indianapolis and General Electric out of New York have announced a breakthrough in their recent cancer research regarding the identification of protein bio-markers in tumors. Working in conjunction, the two companies were able to develop sophisticated new mapping techniques that increase the number of observable proteins in a cancer tumor from one or two to 25, a boon that constitutes significant, perhaps eventually world-changing progress in the fight against cancer.

The new technology has been in development for two years. The partnership between Eli Lilly and Company and GE Global Research, a General Electric subsidiary, was initiated in 2007. On Wednesday, October 21, they revealed their new development, consisting of a bio-marker process capable of mapping over 25 sub-cellular proteins; previous bio-markers have been able to map fewer than three.

Understanding and scientifically mapping the structure of the complex network of any tumor’s proteins through this new method will provide more information for researchers in the field of drug discovery, as well as for use by the clinicians involved in identifying which cancer therapies will be the most efficacious for each individual patient.

Essentially, this latest sally in the war against cancer will aid in the prediction of threat or benefit levels for individual patients from new drugs. The new screening process will provide better patient care and save money, time and, most likely, lives in the long run. The cancer breakthrough development was revealed at a press conference given by the two companies at a news conference during a General Electric showcase in New York.

Eli Lilly and Company has been an important influence in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States and the world since 1876, when it was founded by Colonel Eli Lilly, then a pharmacologist, philanthropist, and a hero of the U.S. Civil War. The company was passed on for generations through the family, even as it grew to massive global proportions. Today it is one of a handful of the most powerful and prolific pharmaceutical companies in the world, a long-standing Indianapolis business that maintains a solid and consistent footing on the short list of largest Indianapolis companies as well as the 50 largest public companies in Indiana.

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