Arsenal Technical High School

Arsenal Technical High School is rooted deep in Indianapolis history and rates high among Indianapolis Public Schools. Located east of Indianapolis downtown, Arsenal Tech sits on 78 acres of land and is the only public school of its kind in Indianapolis. Originally used as a United States Arsenal during the American Civil War, Arsenal Technical High School has seen many different incarnations.

It opened in 1912 as an Indianapolis high school. Apart from its history housing a munitions program, Arsenal Technical High School is unlike any other school in Indy. With seven smaller schools composing the whole of Arsenal Technical High School, this central Indiana high school lets students specialize early. Each smaller school at Arsenal Technical High School offers a different focus with different benefits.

The Magnet Academy

This college preparatory academy focuses on six areas of study: math, science, information technology, engineering, computer science, and medicine. Students who commit themselves to Arsenal Technical High School’s Magnet Academy are in for a rigorous four years of learning. In their senior year, students are encouraged to take part-time internships in their specialized area of study. With the highest GQE, PSAT, and SAT scores in any small schools in IPS, almost every senior receives a diploma each year from this school, and 95 percent of the graduating class attends college.

Career Technology Magnet

The Career Technology Magnet at Arsenal Technical High School focuses on the real world. Indianapolis kids study the most viable career opportunities in the current market with hands-on training and state-of-the-art technology. The Career Technology Magnet encourages freshman to explore various career paths that peak their interests. By the time these Indianapolis students are juniors they are receiving real experience in their chosen career path. Education at the Career Technology Magnet of Arsenal Technical High School takes many forms from part-time jobs to internships to mentoring and more. Graduates go on to successful careers in the work force, the military, or two or four year degree programs.

The Academy of Creative Expression

The Academy of Creative Expression at Arsenal Technical High School offers an arts driven course of study. While the Academy of Creative Expression strives to offer a well rounded education, it serves primarily students with an interest in arts-focused classes and extra-curricular activities. An appreciation and enjoyment of life are held in equal footing iwth completing the Core 40 curriculum. Students who graduate from the Academy of Creative Expression continue their education, become creators, performers, critics, listeners and life long patrons of Indianapolis arts.

Diploma Plus

Diploma Plus at Arsenal Technical High School serves only 150 to 400 students annually. This school is designed for students in urban areas who are over-aged and under-credited or are at risk of dropping out. This school is a second chance for Indianapolis people who were under nutured as young learners. Many graduates go on to become meaningful members of the Indianapolis community either through the work force or in college.

Early College Academy

Students in the Early College Academy at Arsenal Technical High School already have college on the brain. As they attend high school classes, they earn college credit, which will give them an edge once they attend any Indiana colleges or universities across the United States. These students work in tandem with Vincennes University, which gives out college credit. Many students earn up to two years of college credit, transferable to any college in the country. A handful of students go above and beyond, earning an Associate of Arts Degree from Vincennes University as they earn their diploma. This is perhaps the most competitive school at Arsenal Technical High School.

International Academy

Students in the International Academy of Arsenal Technical High School view themselves as global citizens. They learn a myriad of languages and focus on world events and other cultures as they earn their high school diploma. In addition, students have the opportunity to connect with Indianapolis through international festivals and celebrations. Students of the International Academy are encouraged to study abroad in their time at Arsenal Technical High School.

New Tech High

New Tech High at Arsenal Technical Academy is on the cutting edge of education in Indy. As a nationally recognized Demonstration Site and Distinguished Implementation School, New Tech has the more 21st Century Certified teachers anywhere. The focus at New Tech High is on success in the real world as well as in the class room. Students are encouraged to discover rather than memorize, think rather than accept, collaborate rather than isolate, and lead rather than follow.

For more information about Arsenal Technical High School including in depth info about each of Arsenal Tech’s seven small schools, visit their official website.

Arsenal Technical High School
1500 E Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN46201

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