Indianapolis Public School System

The Indianapolis Public School system, or IPS, offers variety to Indianapolis kids as they work on their Indianapolis education. Serving all of Marion County public schools, IPS has a lot on its plate! The secret to IPS’s success? The employees and directors of IPS live by a few simple cultural imperatives:


  1. Children come first!
  2. All employees are accountable for student achievement that meets or exceeds state standards.
  3. All employees demonstrate professionalism and integrity.
  4. Student success is the only option.
  5. Potential is discovered and nurtured.
  6. Academic rigor is the norm.
  7. Communication is clear, open and timely,
  8. Students, parents, families and community members are essential partners.
  9. Diversity is valued.
  10. Facilities are safe, clean, secure, and inviting.

These ten simple rules make the Indianapolis Public School system a success throughout the Circle City. With 80 schools servicing Indianapolis kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade, nearly 37,000 students are enrolled in IPS schools. Since the opening of Shortridge High School in 1862, IPS has been an integral part of education in Indy. But what is it that sets IPS apart from the rest of the United States? Choices!

With more magnet programs than any other school district in Indiana, Hoosier students have options! From Business and Finance to Humanities to Montessori to Medical to Performing and Visual Arts, students enrolled in IPS schools have the option to pursue personal interest and the opportunity to become well rounded members of society. More than that, IPS schools offer cutting edge technology that allows parents to track attendance and grades online and equip every classroom in Indianapolis with the Internet.


With a focus on aligning student learning to district, state, and national standards, IPS schools have vigorous curricula in classes from kindergarten to senior year. IPS makes multiculturalism, technology and post-high school opportunities part of thier every day awareness. IPS strives to serve every kind of student from ESL students to special education students, their are programs and instructors with the talent and interest in helping your child!

For more information about the Indianapolis Public School system, visit their website. Find out what makes Hoosier children some of the best!