Musical Prodigy Chaconne Klaverenga Plays IUPUI, Tonight

Indianapolis University Purdue University in Indianapolis downtown offers Indianapolis music another affordable concert; hear Chaconne Klaverenga tonight! Hosted in IUPUI’s Informatics and Communications Technology Complex, international classical guitar champion Chaconne Klaverenga will regale listeners with her diverse repertoire. This Indianapolis event gets underway at 7:30 pm Monday, November 5. Tickets are only $10.00, and ISCG members can get in for FREE. For information and reservations call 317. 278.4636.

Chaconne Klaverenga, is destined for musical infamy. Named for Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne BMV 1004, Klaverenga is one of the most impressive music prodigies in the United States. Born in 1992, Chaconne could play the piano when she was two and the guitar by the time she was six. Under the tutelage of her professional musician parents, James and Julia Klaverenga, Chaconne found that she was a natural at making music.

At the young age of 14, she entered her first international competition. As a rookie that year, she took home three first place prizes: the Society of American Musicians Classical Guitar Competition, Senior Division (17 and under); the Rantucci International Classical Guitar Competition, Youth Division (15 and under) and the East Carolina University Classical Guitar Competion, Youth Division (14 and under). That same year, after the Chicago Symphony Orchestra requested a graduate music student to perform with them, Chaconne Klaverenga’s teacher insisted that she be given the honor. In addition, she has been a featured soloist at many Classical and Chamber music societies across Indiana.

Video: Chaconne Klaverenga, Indianapolis, Indiana


As Chaconne Klaverenga continued to grow as a musician from year to year, so did her list of awards. She has traveled across the United States racking up first and second place trophies for her talents in musical performance. She has become known in her hometown of Lafayette, Indiana for her musical prowess. Her reputation across central Indiana proceeds her as she prepares to take the stage at IUPUI tonight.

For more information on how you can see tonight’s performance by Chaconne Klaverenga, visit IUPUI’s website. This Indiana college makes great contributions to both Indianapolis education and Indianapolis society though these concert events. Seize this opportunity to enjoy true musical genius, shown at a young age.

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