Indiana Ballet Company

Indiana Ballet Company is changing the face of dance in Indianapolis, the United States and the world, by redefining and opening the modern meaning of ballet. In doing this, the Indiana Ballet Company has a mission to connect to and serve the Indianapolis community, while at the same time providing Indianapolis kids artistic opportunity and experience. Dance at the Indiana Ballet Company means breaking free from the norm and thinking creatively.

The dancers in the Indiana Ballet Company have committed themselves to becoming true Indianapolis artists. Indiana Ballet Company dancers will live and work in Indiana year round with a full time commitment to the work of Indiana Ballet Company. The members of this Indianapolis nonprofit organization are part of a larger movement in dance, acting as revolutionary figures in the heart of the Midwest.

Founding artistic director Alyona Yakovleva sees American ballet as rigid, uncompromising, uninventive and alienating. Under her direction, the Indiana Ballet Company strives to create ballet that is accessible to all not just an “artistic and intellectual elite.” The Indiana Ballet Company challenges the conventions of tradition ballet in the United States with an expanding repertoire of music and a focus on storytelling.

The ballets at the Indiana Ballet Company are characterized by a pace and connection to one-act storytelling that has been lost in other dance pieces. As leaders in this rebirth of Indianapolis performing arts, the Indiana Ballet Company presents work to which people can connect on a cathartic level. With a sense of theatrical elements that rivals many Indianapolis theaters, the Indiana Ballet Company creates riveting work specifically designed for the Hoosier audience.

Their mission is to present a diverse season of classical, contemporary and original works connected to the rich heritage of artistic director Alyona Yakovleva. Yakovleva began her training in St. Petersburg, Russia at the State University of Culture and Art. Since then she has performed and continued her studies all over the world. After coming to the Circle City, Yakovleva began working with the Clara R. Noyes Academy of Ballet Internationale. Her time in Indy has found her working with both the Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre and Dance Kaleidoscope. However, her passion lies in artistic autonomy.

Under Yakovleva’s direction the Indiana Ballet Company is working towards several goals. The Indiana Ballet Company provides the students of its academy a model of Indianapolis education. In addition, Indiana Ballet Company members are integral in outreach programs to promote ballet as a household topic and to foster love for the art form. The Indiana Ballet Company is dedicated to connecting to Indianapolis at large and to serve the people of Indianapolis. By listening to the demand for art and helping to creatively problem solve the challenges the Indianapolis art community faces, Indiana Ballet Company hopes to become an important organization in Indy.

For more information about the Indiana Ballet Company, including news about their upcoming season, visit their official website. The climate of art in Indiana is causing new and different art organizations to form, perhaps to meet a growing need for expression. The Indiana Ballet Company contributes to that cannon!

Indiana Ballet Company
2432 Lake Circle Drive
Indianapolis, IN46268