Amaco/Brent Contemporary Ceramic Gallery: Yu-Ying Huang and Rimas VisGirda

The Amaco/Brent Contemporary Ceramic Gallery, north of Indianapolis downtown, opens a new exhibit Friday, November 6 featuring Yu-Ying Huang and Rimas VisGirda. These two artists have traveled together across the United States sharing their ceramic work with America. Now their work will be in Indy through December 17, 2009. You can see them for free this Friday as part of the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA) First Friday Artwalk! An opening reception will be held from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Yu-Ying Huang’s work is influenced by her hobby of undersea diving. A resident of Taipei, Taiwan, Huang’s pieces often have a rich cultural narrative connected to naturalistic elements. Her pieces use the symmetry and flux of the ocean as inspiration, often times mimicking underwater life. The piece pictured to the left, called Rotating, has the cyclical elements of ocean waves in the form of a shape similar to that of a shell. What is most stunning about Huang’s work is her ability to make art that at the same time appears familiar and alien.

Lithuanian born Rimas VisGirda uses many of the same techniques as Huang with a much different outcome. VisGirda’s work has a strong sense of color and line. Fads and fashion, fading and new, are a huge influence in his mind. Inspired by underground cartoonists and the British Punk Movement, VisGirda focuses on sub-cultural movements. “I don’t like to categorize my work. I want people to look at it and see what they want to see, draw from their own life and past experiences,” VasGirda said. Many of his pieces, like the one pictured right, use dog imagery as a means of both gaining an audience and subsequently questioning them.

This Indianapolis event at the Amaco/Brent Contemporary Ceramic Gallery runs through December 17. Catch the work of Yu-Ying Huang and Rimas VisGirda, two talented ceramic artists, before they hit the next city. The Indianapolis art scene attracts artists from around the world. Take some time to be a global citizen without even living your hometown.

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