Herron High School

Herron High School, located in the heart of Indianapolis downtown, is a public charter school focused on giving students a classical liberal arts education. Indianapolis kids at Herron High School are enrolled in college preparatory classes structured around an art history timeline and with an emphasis on classic art and literature. Herron High School holds true to the belief that all Indianapolis kids have the ability to learn to think logically and to utilize creative expression.

Students live and learn in a community founded on the same principles of Greek and Roman society. At Herron High School, students are steeped in history, literature and art. They receive formal instruction in Latin, logic and rhetoric. Through their education in all academic subjects, they are prepared to be active participants in a country based on Athenian democracy and the Roman republic. By learning about these common roots, students at Herron High School are able to be global citizens and productive members of the United States.

Herron High School was first conceived in 2003 by the leadership at the Harrison Center for the Arts. This Indianapolis nonprofit organization brings neighborhoods, nonprofits and Indianapolis businesses together to create a learning environment for Indianapolis adults. Under this same design, the idea to create an Indianapolis school to serve Indianapolis kids in the same vein.

Three years later the mayor of the Circle City, Bart Peterson, granted Herron High School its charter status. In 2006, it welcomed 100 ninth grade students through its front door. Now Herron High School serves grades nine through twelve. This Indianapolis Public School offers students an advantage with small class sizes, more frequent parent-teacher communication, teacher advisers and tutoring. Everything that happens under the roof of Herron High School is focused on consistently high student achievement.

If you think your Indianapolis kid could benefit from an education at Herron High School, consider applying today. This Indianapolis school is currently seeking enrollment for Fall of 2010. Any child who lives in Indiana is eligible to apply. Though Herron High School can only serve a limited number of students each year, they do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, sex, disability, religion, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin.

For more information about Herron High School, visit their website.

Herron High School
110 E 16th St
Indianapolis, IN46202

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