Carmel Symphony Orchestra Attracts Revolutionary Organist Carmeron Carpenter

Revolutionary organist, Cameron Carpenter, takes the stage with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra this Saturday, November 7 at 7:30pm. Under the new leadership of Michael Feinstein, the Carmel Symphony Orchestra is looking to upgrade their image for a new generation. As one of the flashiest organ players ever, Cameron Carpenter fits the bill. He brings his grandiose showmanship to the Circle City this weekend.

In 2007, Cameron Carpenter became an Internet sensation with is live web cast of Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude. Carpenter revolutionized a revolutionary piece by transposing Chopin’s flying left-hand runs to his feet. With this stunning innovation in the music world, Carpenter bounded into the United States and world music scenes winning a multi-album recording contract with Telarc International.

His first album was aptly titled Revolutionary and named for its first track, which won Cameron Carpenter so much acclaim. With this debut album, Carpenter once again made the history books as the first ever organist to be nominated for a Grammy for a solo album. Cameron earns the title of revolutionary by forcing audiences to think differently about his chosen instrument. He has a talent to evoke music from the organ in a way that no one else has before him. His innovation makes him a revolutionary leader in the music world.

Video: Cameron Carpenter, Indianapolis, Indiana


As a home schooled adolescent, Carpenter could play Johann Sebastian Bach’s complete Well-Tempered Clavier at the age of eleven. No stranger to the lime light, he performed as a boy soloist at both the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall. He graduated the Julliard School with a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music. And though he has reached a modicum of success, he struggles against the vapid glam-rock star image. Cameron is committed personally to musical outreach in high schools, working as a mentor to young musicians.

Cameron Carpenter is well aware of the flash he makes on stage. In his own words, “The flamboyance and the showmanship are natural for me.” He continues, “Not only do they open the door for a lot of new listeners, but they’re genuinely part of who I am. But whether one objects or enjoys, it’s really all about one thing, and music is it.”

Hear Cameron Carpenter as he takes the stage with Carmel, Indiana’s Carmel Symphony Orchestra this Saturday. Indianapolis music welcomes a revolutionary for our own time! The concert will be held as St. Luke’s Methodist Church north of Indianapolis downtown at 100 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260. For more information on how to purchase tickets to hear Cameron Carpenter, visit the Carmel Symphony Orchestra official website. This Indianapolis event is sure to be revolutionary!

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