How Long Will it Take my Carmel, Indiana Home to Sell?

When to put your home up for sale in today’s Carmel Real Estate market is all about timing.  Over the past year the average days on the market for a Carmel home for sale was 79 days and the average sold price was 95% of list price. In Carmel, Indiana during the colder months the average days on the market ranged between 95 to 105 days.  When the weather heated up so did Carmel homes sale.

List price compared to actual selling price has maintained consistency over the past 12 months. On a positive note, Carmel Real Estate sales rose in listing versus selling price by 1.1% from August 2009 to September 2009 even though in that same time frame the average days on the market also rose 3.9% from 76 to 79 days.  Three days is a small amount of time to wait to get an additional 1.1% for your home. Considering the average sales price during that time frame was in the $283-300,000 range that equals and additional $3100 or more in the seller’s pocket.

If your goal is to meet or beat these averages you must first take a look at your home with an objective view.  Have it showing ready from day one. Don’t give it 30 days for feedback on how the kitchen floor needs replaced when you already know that. Buyers want to see what they are buying, not envision how it will look after they have lived through the remodeling process. If possible, hiring a staging company can be an invaluable way to get your home in top notch condition for the parade of buyers to come to view your home.