Burn-A-Thon Challenge at Gold’s Gym: Help Make a World Record and Fight Diabetes

Here’s a little twist on the usual runs and walks produced by Indianapolis charities: This Saturday, November 7, you can go to the gym and burn calories to fight diabetes during the American Diabetes Association’s “Burn-A-Thon.” November is American Diabetes Month, and organizers have come up with this fun way to donate and set a world record in one fell swoop. Gold’s Gym across the country is the host for the happening, geared to raise money in exchange for your time, effort and the calories you lose.

By setting aside a part of your day for this Indianapolis event, you can spin, ride, walk or iron-press your way to better health and fitness while contributing to the important causes subsidized during American Diabetes Month. The overall goal for the United States is to burn 180 million calories in one day, which has the added excitement factor of being a world record.

The event spans the entire day, so grab your friends and family or get together some corporate teams this Saturday, and be a part of a good thing for everybody involved. Indianapolis businesses are invited to show their support by sponsoring a piece of gym equipment for the Burn-A-Thon and encouraging employees to jump in and feel the burn.

The nationwide threat of diabetes is on the rise, affecting one out of every three children if the current trend continues. Today there are over 24 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the country, and more than double that amount with pre-diabetes. Indianapolis health and that of the nation greatly benefits from organized get-togethers such as Saturday’s Burn-A-Thon.

Coincidentally or not, the 2nd Annual Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and Half Marathons is planned for the same day in the busy Indianapolis downtown sector. The Monumental Marathon raises funds on behalf of the Indianapolis educational system. Thousands of folks from all over Indiana, the U.S. and the world will be in the Circle City that day for these worthy Indianapolis charity events.

The Burn-A-Thon Challenge at Gold’s Gym will take place at the two Indianapolis health clubs simultaneously, one located in the northwest corner of the inner city, and the other in the southeast sector, close to downtown Indianapolis.

For more detailed information, go to the American Diabetes Association events webpage.

Burn-A-Thon Challenge at Gold’s Gym

November 7, 2009

8401 N Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268

7140 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46219

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