ICT Moving to Carmel’s Performing Arts Center for the 2011 Season

Last night, something of an Indianapolis performing arts bombshell was announced: the Indianapolis Civic Theatre is making plans to pick up and move from their digs in the Indianapolis downtown sector to the still-unfinished Regional Performing Arts Center in Carmel, Indiana. In 2011, the Indianapolis Civic Theatre will become the new Performing Arts Center’s most important occupant, when they present their 2011-2012 theatrical season for the first time in Carmel, Indiana.

Many of those in the know are disappointed about the probable permanent loss of the opportunity to attract a professional theatrical company to the Performing Arts Center. But the Indianapolis Civic Theatre, (also known as the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre of Indianapolis, Inc.), is a well-proven entity and a highly respected member of the Indianapolis arts community. The group has been entertaining Hoosiers in Indy for nigh onto a century, and has the reputation of being one of the longest-lived community theaters in the United States. They will undoubtedly do well wherever they drop anchor.

Carmel’s new Performing Arts Center(PAC) is part of a long list of major developments in Carmel, reputedly requiring a total infusion of over $100 million dollars when all is said and done. The PAC itself is estimated to come in at a price tag of around $12.5 million, but since the Civic Theatre is handing over $10 million for a 100-year lease guaranteeing the use of the PAC, it looks to be a good Carmel business transaction, as well as a wonderful addition to Carmel arts and the list of venerable attractions in Carmel.

The thriving city of Carmel is a suburb just north of Indianapolis, within easy driving distance of the state capital. It remains to be seen exactly which of the many Indianapolis community outreach programs the Indianapolis Civic Theatre will allow to stay within the inner Circle City, and which will be moved to the burbs. The Carmel Performing Arts Center is located in the heart of Carmel’s City Center and Old Town, which occupies the south corner of the burgeoning new Carmel Arts and Design District.

The whole transaction will be formalized tonight at the Carmel Redevelopment Commission meeting. Mayor Jim Brainard is quoted as applauding the Civic Theatre and Regional Performing Arts Center for their support of one another. Civic’s presence will continue to have a positive impact on the cultural landscape, adding vibrancy and a variety of choice entertainment options for those living in Central Indiana and throughout the Midwest.”

During the span of time before the Civic Theatre’s grand opening in Carmel, the theatrical organization will present their offerings at the Marian University campus theater.

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