Flowing Well Park Carmel Indiana

Artesian well water flows freely from spigots at Flowing Well Park in Carmel, Indiana. Hoosiers from near and far bring recycled water bottles to take home a taste of this fresh and clean drinking water. This appropriately named Carmel park is located on 116th St, just west of Hazel Dell Parkway.

Nearly a century ago in the rich history of Carmel, workers were drilling for natural gas when they struck a well, which resulted in a geyser. The purification system works on an age old system that contains, purifies and then flows clean and filtered water. Artesian well water is known for its pure and refreshing taste.

The process begins when a layer of soft rock, such as Indiana limestone, absorbs water from an underground path. The water is kept under high pressure and when it finds an opening, it overpowers gravity and shoots up instead of down. At Flowing Well Park, the pressure of the well is so high that it is constantly spitting out at approximately 15 gallons per hour. In the early days, the well was known to spout at a rapid 60 gallons per hour.

This natural source of delicious water attracts visitors from Indianapolis, Zionsville, Fishers, Noblesville and other Indiana cities. Frugal Hoosiers are pinching pennies wherever possible, and a quick visit to Flowing Well Park surely cuts down on the cost of bottled water and water bills.

The well isn’t the only water flushing through the scenic Flowing Well Park. Cool Creek offers an attractive spot for outdoor lovers, hikers and fishers. Carmel residents enjoy the park’s 1.5 mile walking trail, two observation decks, open shelter and man-made wetlands. It’s no surprise that this park is always flooded with visitors, many whom regularly stop in to refill empty water jugs.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Carmel, check out Flowing Well Park. Whether it’s for a day trip in Carmel, or a regular Carmel event, Flowing Well Park is a great place to bring the entire family.