New Exhibit Opens iMOCA’s New Temporary Home

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, iMOCA, opens its “Temporary Contemporary” space at the Murphy Art Center in Fountain Square with work from Indy artists. Brose Partington and Jeffery S. Martin’s show, Projected Curiosity, runs from this Friday, December 4 through January 16th in the boho chic Indianapolis cultural district. The opening from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm this Friday is part of IDADA’s First Friday Art Walk. As always this Indianapolis art museum is free to all Indianapolis people.

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art has moved from downtown Indianapolis where it use to welcome guests next to its old neighbor the Indiana State Capitol Building. iMOCA has found a more suitable temporary home for itself in the Murphy Art Center of Fountain Square until construction on its new permanent home is completed in the Spring of 2011. Celebrate a new move for this Indianapolis arts organization this Friday as they make their Fountain Square premiere.Projected Curiosity will be a collection of installations and automated sculpture by Jeffery S. Martin and Brose Partington. Partington and Martin are well known Indianapolis artists and are very excited about the pending premiere in iMOCA’s new Indianapolis neighborhood. The work is focused on connecting with an audience. Each piece strives to find an initial foundation, a common ground, on which the art work and audience can begin to dialogue. “I am most interested in creating a dialogue with the viewer that is derived from a common experience,” says Martin. “I do not limit my work to any one medium, but rather utilize a variety of traditional and non-traditional media to make this connection.” Martin creates escapism and suspends time for his audience. He believes that by disconnecting them from the outside world, a true experience is had, and a real connection is forged.

Brose Partington is known for his larger than life installations that focus on motion and motion’s effects on time, patterns and the cycles of history. Through the use of motors, electronics and the mechanisms developed by Partington, he represents ideas about movement. Partington admits that at time his processes of creation conflict saying, “Although the creation of the idea and the mechanism are distinctly different processes, if the work is successful, there is an inevitable and natural reconciliation of the two.”

Most recently Brose Partington’s work was seen in the ARTSPARK of the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple Village. With a focus on the natural world versus mankind’s created world, Partington engaged Indianapolis society with his piece near the White River in the ARTSPARK. He continues this exploration at iMOCA with his new exhibit saying, “I want to continue to investigate these ideas and create way to represent them in urban and natural environments, but instead of using motors and electronics I want to incorporate the existent kinetic energy of objects to power my works.” Partington admits a lot of his inspiration for the pieces in this installation came from seeing construction rejuvenate the Circle City.

For more information about this upcoming Indianapolis art exhibit, visit the iMOCA website. Check out all the great Indianapolis art galleries that participate in the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association’s First Friday Art Walk. From Mass Ave to Fountain Square to the near north side of Indianapolis, Indy comes alive the first Friday of every month as Indianapolis art patrons turn out in mass. Remember, the first Friday Art Walk is a free Indianapolis event. Indianapolis art galleries across the city keep their doors open late for Hoosiers to meander through the art of Indianapolis artists.

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Projected Curiosity
December 4 through January 16th

1043 Virginia Ave
Suite 5
Indianapolis, IN