FCF Hoosier Holiday gift Guide Day-8 Four Legged Friends

‘Tis the season for giving, right? So we here at funcityfinder.com in Indianapolis felt that on top of giving you the best we’ve got when it comes to what’s going on in the Circle City, we will give you a little help in trying to find that perfect gift for the special someone on your list. On December 4, and  the next twenty days we will give you twenty ways to show you truly care. In the true spirit of Hoosier pride, we will try to suggest only that which is home-grown or handmade right here in Indiana.

Day 1-the binding bee
Day 2- Tickets for Sports of All Sorts
Day 3- Indy Eateries
Day 4- Arts for Young Hearts and Old Farts
Day 5- Better Body Longer Life
Day6- Many a Museum
Day 7- The Village Experience

DAY 8- Four Legged Friends

I will keep it short and sweet this evening because these little guys sell themselves, I am just the nudge you needed. For Christmas this year why not add another member to your family? No, I’m not talking about the sweet old lady that is always wandering around your supermarket. I’m talking about the kind that pees on the carpet, eats your shoes and has to go outside at 2 am when its ten degrees outside. Yup, I am talking about getting a cat or a dog from your local animal shelter this holiday season.

However, these furry little friends are not for everyone, they do come with a few prerequisites. First, they really shouldn’t be given to just anyone. Your girlfriend of three months would LOVE to see a little puppy with a ribbon tied around its neck. But the second it destroys a pair of her Jimmy Choo’s, you’re as good as dead to her.

Pets are a big responsibility. In fact, the introduction of a new pet is a great way to teach Indianapolis children all about discipline and responsibility. Also, when you give your daughter a new kitty for Christmas, she will only be slightly upset you didn’t get her the pony she asked Santa for.

Are you spending the holidays all by your lonesome here in Indy? Well give yourself the gift that keeps on giving, and I am not just talking about their poop. It’s OK to go out and buy yourself a friend, really they won’t mind.

Speaking of companionship: do you always find yourself upset or frustrated that you don’t spend enough time with an elderly loved one in your life? Well guess what, they most likely would love a little friend themselves. My suggestion for the elderly would be a cat, not a kitten but a mature cat.

See, the cats that find their way to animal rescue centers in and around downtown Indianapolis usually come from a house that can no longer care for them. This translates into the new gift already being house broken and less excitable than kittens tend to be. Also, cats are much more self-sufficient than dogs, i.e. less maintenance.  One of the best benefits of introducing a cat into the life of an older loved one is they can prolong their life. Wouldn’t it make you feel great to improve the Indianapolis health of someone you care about?

My final words of wisdom are this. If you do decide that you or your family’s lives are incomplete without a four legged friend, don’t bring them home on Christmas day. Too much going on for the new arrival to process and acclimate to. Also, the first few days are crucial for bonding, training and setting boundaries, and some precious time has to go into such matters.

Either make it an early Christmas gift, or go to your local shelter and pick out your new family mascot this December 25th. I am sure the shelter workers would love the company.


Humane Society of Indianapolis Website

Southside Animal Shelter Website



They will help you find the nearest shelter no matter where in Indiana you live.