Living in Emergency: Doctors Without Borders, A Nationwide Event Tonight

Tonight marks a very special national humanitarian event. Throughout the United States the documentary Living in Emergency:Stories of Doctors Without Borders will be broadcast to movie theatres nationwide with a LIVE panel discussion to follow. In over 440 movie theatres throughout the country, United States citizens will become aware of the real danger faced by surgeons in the field and the rawness of emotion in the countries in which they work. This Indianapolis event happens Monday, December 14 in theatres around Indy including Castleton Square 14, Galaxy 14, and Indianapolis Showplace with IMAX. The film begins at 7:3o pm nationwide (with an appropriate delay for the west coast).

The documentary film Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders will be broadcast via satellite from the Skirball Center for Performing Arts at New York University in New York City to theatres in cities around the nation, including Indianapolis. The film marks the first time that Doctors Without Borders (a.k.a. Médecins Sans Frontières) gave a documentary crew uncensored access to its field operations. The film follows four doctors in war torn Congo and post conflict Liberia as they struggle to provide emergency medical care under extremely trying conditions.

Two of the volunteers are new recruits. One twenty six year old Australian doctor is stranded in a remote bush clinic fighting to keep operations going. The other new recruit is a young Tennessee doctor working in a shattered capital city. Both face circumstances beyond their control in two completely different environments. They must employ their knowledge and wits to get them through stressful situations.

The other two doctors in the film are experienced in the field. One is the dynamic Head of Mission, who struggles to keep morale high and tensions under control. While the last veteran of Doctors Without Borders in the film is exhausted and jaded from a concentration of horror during service. With ideals warn down, he searches for answers and a wants out. Each of the doctors, working in a land far from their home, face the challenges of never ending work, few successes, difficult choices and the limits of their own idealism and strength. Please note that this film is unrated and contains some war and graphic surgery scenes.

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders is currently in consideration for a 2010 Academy Award nomination. As one of the fifteen films in the Documentary Feature category that will advance in the voting process, it has a chance to be selected as one of the final five nominees that will be announced in February of 2010.

Following the live broadcast on December 14, 2009, a LIVE town hall discussion will be lead by Elizabeth Vargas of ABC News 20/20. Stay after the film to go beyond the headlines of this humanitarian crisis. Hear what experienced doctors from Doctors Without Borders have to say about the challenges, bitter realities, difficult choices and dilemmas they face day to day in more than sixty countries. Dr. Christopher Brasher, of nine years experience in Doctors Without Borders will be on hand to discuss his experiences. As an anesthetist in Burundi, Head of Mission on four projects in Angola, Emergency Coordinator during conflicts in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Eritrea and much much more, he has seen enough trouble for a life time.

In addition, Dr. Tom Krueger, the young Tennessee doctor in the film, will speak to his experience in post-conflict Liberia, where he performed more surgeries in two months than in six months at a United States hospital. Sebastian Junger, author of three New York Times bestselling books and contributor to Vanity Fair and ABC News, will be on hand to round out the media perspective on these conflicts. Sophie Delaunay will also hold a seat on this panel discussion. As the Executive Director of the United States branch of Doctors Without Borders, she will offer insight into the overarching organization of this humanitarian mission. And finally, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare in the Republic of Liberia will offer insight from the perspective of the populations so desperately in need of help from Doctors Without Borders.

Video: Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders Trailer, Indianapolis, Indiana


For more information about this important event for Indianapolis culture, visit the official website for Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders.

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Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders
Monday, December 14 at 7:30 pm

Castleton Square 14
6020 E 82nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Galaxy 14
8105 E 96th St
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Indianapolis Showplace with IMAX
4325 S Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46217