FCF Hoosier Holiday Gift Guide Day 12: Butler’s Best

Tis the season for giving, right? So we here at funcityfinder.com in Indianapolis felt that on top of giving you the best we’ve got when it comes to what’s going on in the Circle City, we will give you a little help in trying to find that perfect gift for the special someone on your list. On December 4, and  the next twenty days we will give you twenty ways to show you truly care. In the true spirit of Hoosier pride, we will try to suggest only that which is home-grown or handmade right here in Indiana.

Day 1-the binding bee
Day 2- Tickets for Sports of All Sorts
Day 3- Indy Eateries
Day 4- Arts for Young Hearts and Old Farts
Day 5- Better Body Longer Life
Day6- Many a Museum
Day 7- The Village Experience
Day 8- Four Legged Friends
Day 9- A Gift that takes Center Stage
Day 10- A Day to get Away
Day 11- Big Hat Books


Let me start off by saying I have no affiliation with Butler University, so please no e-mails about me playing favorites. There are several reasons why I am focusing on the Bulldogs today, and hopefully you will soon understand why. Not only is Butler one of the top  universities in Indiana, but they also do a fantastic job of opening up their campus and resources to the surrounding Indy community. Still wondering why they have made the FCF Holiday Gift Guide? Ask and ye’ shall receive.

Give the Gift of Saturn.

Say whaaaaa… I know you think I am starting to lose it here, but please, just bear with me. On the beautiful grounds of Butler there is a hill. On top of this hill is the Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium (now you see where I’m going). The Holcomb Observatory is not like the Planetariums you went o in your more impressionable days to take in the Pink Floyd laser-light shows. Nope, this is a fully functional “in the name of science” observatory that houses the fifth largest –open to the public– telescope in the country.

And while the heavens above are always changing, Saturn is in a -once every 14 years alignment with the third planet from the sun. If neither math nor science were your strong suit while you were educated in Indianapolis, I am talking about us here on earth. This is the type of event that makes learning fun for all ages. The best part is, the hour-long planetarium show and a peek through the 38-inch telescope lens will only cost you $3!

I cannot think of a better, more cost efficient gift than this. Even the poor guy who’s longtime girlfriend is asking for a ring this year is saved. “Honey I’m not gonna get you just one ring this year, I’m going to give you the gift of several HUGE rings.” I think this would be a great idea, maybe this is why I am still not married?

For more information on just how unique the Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium experience is, and for official tour times, visit the HOP website today.

Give the Gift of Shows at Clowes.

One of the finest institutions of Indianapolis performing arts is the Clowes Memorial Hall, which stands at Butler University’s front gate to welcome all who come. Not only does Clowes stand as the background for many of Butler’s very own musical and acting productions–which can be very cheap and very enjoyable–but it is also home to countless national acts that come through the Circle City.

When Broadway Across America enters Hoosierville, they set up shop at Clowes. When national touring acts want the best stage and acoustics around, they too call on Clowes. To find the show or performance that best suits those on Santa’s list, visit the Clowes Memorial Hall website now.

The best part is, with Butler’s location you can make it a complete night to remember. Just a few miles north of downtown Indianapolis, you can grab a fantastic dinner before hand in one of Indy’s best restaurants. If you want to keep the evening a little bit more low-key, head over to Broad Ripple Village. Here you can grab a few drinks or some great pub-grub in some of the best bars in Indianapolis. Either way, you can’t lose.