Fishers,Indiana Home Sales November 2009

Homes sales were up for November compared to the same time period last year. In November 2008 the Fishers, Indiana real estate market had 71 homes sell.  In 2009 that number rose to 102 sales. That is an incredible 43% increase.  Pended sales were also up from 67 in 2008 to 82 in 2009.  The increases may have been due to buyers coming down to crunch time before the $8000 First Time Homebuyer’s Tax Credit was expiring.  As we are all aware by now buyers can take advantage of the extension and breathe a bit easier if they were not able to find the home of their dreams since President Obama extended the tax credit by 5 months.  Typically, this is not the time of year we are accustomed to seeing increases but we’ll take it whenever we can get it.  Buying a new home may not be on the top of your shopping list year but perhaps it should be. I can only assume that once the New Year roll sin that these numbers will continue to increase. This tax credit is a great opportunity for people to buy their first home or move up to another. With home prices being so affordable in the Indianapolis real estate market it makes it an even sweeter deal for buyers.