FCF Hoosier Holiday Gift Guide Day 16: Spa Time for your Sunshine

Tis the season for giving, right? So we here at funcityfinder.com in Indianapolis felt that on top of giving you the best we’ve got when it comes to what’s going on in the Circle City, we will give you a little help in trying to find that perfect gift for the special someone on your list. Starting December 4, and  for the next twenty days, we will give you twenty ways to show you truly care. In the true spirit of Hoosier pride, we will try to suggest only that which is home-grown or handmade right here in Indiana.

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DAY 16- Spa Time for your Sunshine

With only four shopping days left until Kris Kringle engages in worldwide breaking and entering, it is coming down to crunch time. So, I am going to fashion today’s FCF Hoosier Holiday Gift Guide more for the guys out there. Reason being, men procrastinate on a much larger scale than women when it comes to matters of the heart and stuff.

There is no need to take offense to this blanket statement fellas, for as soon as this article hits the Web, I am out to get started shopping myself. Take it as a compliment that I feel we can relate.

I will say this: being a firm believer in practicing what you preach, I have done some shopping already, all of which has come at the suggestion of FunCityFinder’s Holiday Guide. I mean,  Have you looked at this thing? There is some great stuff on here.

Time is short, so too shall I be. Give your lucky-lovely-little-lady a day off from all the noise and insanity you–and your spawn if applicable– create by sending her off on a day of relaxation and beauty. Find a local Indy spa for her to go and be by herself. Now it is going against the grain here at FCF for me to show you things in which we do not meddle in, but it is Christmas time and I am in a giving mode. So today’s suggestion is send her to a spa.

Indianapolis Spas

Even More Indianapolis Spas

No matter where you live, you will be able to find a spa or two that is close enough to walk to. (Note, I do not recommend you make your wife or girlfriend walk to the spa, this will really piss her off, negating all the good you have done by sending her to a spa in the first place.)

The little neighborhood of Broad Ripple Village I live in has at least 20, no exaggeration guys, 20. There are the over-the-top extravagant spas that offer full day body works of all sorts, to the one hour spas that make life melt away in the span of 60 little minutes. Choose wisely my friends.

If you really want to play the role of hero, get her a second pass for her best friend. No, not you, her best GIRL friend. Want to impress even more? Get the best GIRL friend’s husband involved, and have him set up a spa day for his wife too. That way, it looks like you two guys really put some time and thought into this.

My final suggestions is this. No matter where you send your love this holiday season, just make sure some Nordic guy named Sven is not the one administering the massage. Be honest with yourself, you cannot compete with that.

This is a call to action men. Don’t leave your fellow man stuck for a gift this Christmas season. Pass this article along and let’s keep that divorce rate down in Indiana this year. If you can think of any other great downtown Indianapolis ideas that need to be known, please add a comment or two below. Come on back tomorrow as we are heading down the home stretch for the 2009 Hoosier Holiday Gift Guide.