Richard III at Mass Ave

The newest Indianapolis performing arts company in town, No Holds Bard, premieres its flagship performance this weekend. No Holds Bard presents Shakespeare’s Richard III January 8 through 24 at the indyFringe building on Mass Ave in Indianapolis downtown. This riveting production, starring one of the Bard’s most heinous villains, will introduce Indianapolis arts to its first theatre company devoted entirely to performing the works of Shakespeare. Tickets are $13.00 regularly and $10.00 for students and teachers. Performances run Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 5:30 pm.

Richard III tells the story of the jealousy and revenge of Richard III. He steams and plots as he watches his brother, Edward IV, ascend to the throne and rule England successfully. As one of Shakespeare’s most popularly performed history plays, Richard III captivates audiences because of its imperfect protagonist. As an ugly hunchback and outcast, Richard seeks to climb the ladder of success stepping on rungs made of both friends and enemies. Nothing matters to him except his ultimate success. Young theatre artist, Tristan Ross adapted and stars in this production of Richard III. Adapted for only eight actors in fifteen roles, Ross promises this Indianapolis theatre event will be a “fringey,” “no tights, in your face high tension drama.”

The search for absolute power takes center stage as Richard slaughters relatives, lovers, basically anyone he sees as an obstacle to his own power. Ross describes the adaptation as “Non tights and doublet epic Shakespeare; this should get back to base Shakespeare with ink under his fingernails. I want to see people connecting on stage. I want the violence ultra-violent.” With the indyFringe building as their performance venue, No Holds Bard hopes to present the edginess of Shakespeare. Their ultimate goal is to present an accessible and ensemble based production. This premiere performance from No Holds Bard will hopefully add to the texture of Indianapolis theatre throughout the city. The cast warns to dress warmly as “this is the winter of our discontent.”

No Holds Bard aims to present Shakespeare’s classic literature in an inviting and accessible way. With a focus on the originally intended entertainment value of Shakespeare’s work, No Holds Bard hopes to supersede the low expectations many audience members have for Shakespeare. Not satisfied with a success based simply on an audience’s ability to understand all of the actors, No Holds Bard plans to cultivate an appreciation for the drama, action, suspense, violence and love with which Shakespeare is peppered. For more information about No Holds Bard visit their official website.

This Indianapolis event not only asks audience to brave the cold, but to revel in it as Richard revels in his loneliness. Revel in winter in the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave. With so many great Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars in the Indianapolis downtown area, it is easy to find food and fun that go hand in hand. Stay tuned to Fun City for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis.

Richard III
January 8 through 24, 2010

IndyFringe Theatre Festival
The IndyFringe Building
719 E St. Clair St
Indianapolis, IN46202
For tickets call 317.557.1395