Theatre Opens Housewives of Mannheim

This weekend the Phoenix Theatre presents the Indianapolis performing arts community with the Midwest Premiere of The Housewives of Mannheim, a new play by Alan Brody. Located in the theatre and Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave, in Indianapolis downtown, the Phoenix Theatre is known for producing new comedies and drama. In The Housewives of Mannheim, they seem to have found both a kitchen sink comedy and a romantic drama that focuses on female empowerment. The play opens on the Phoenix Theatre stage on January 14 and runs through February 6. As their first play of 2010, The Housewives of Mannheim will set the tone for Phoenix Theatre goers for the remainder of the year.

Alan Brody’s new play, The Housewives of Mannheim, premiered at the New Jersey Repertory Theatre in Spring 2009. The Phoenix Theatre’s production marks the first time this story reaches into the Midwest. Set in Brooklyn during World War II, The Housewives of Mannheim examines the lives of ladies left to their own devices on the home front. With their men away fighting the war, they must find strength in each other. The four women at the center of Brody’s dramedy (or is it comma?) forge a new sense of friendship and extend the boundaries of family.

May Black’s kitchen serves as the centerpiece for the four women in The Housewives of Mannheim. Like any other story of female empowerment and bonding, each women represents a different cross section of feminine attitudes. May conceals a love for painting and art in the fear of being considered a snob. Her neighbors Billie Friedhoff and Alice Cohen are always close as hand. Billie makes a living buying and selling linens on the black market, while Alice goes through life as the neighborhood gossip.

When a worldly Holocaust survivor, Sophie Birnbaum moves in, her affect on the women is palpable. As May opens up to Sophie (the former concert pianist) about her love for art, Sophie teaches all the women how to survive and even thrive in their husbands’ absence. With some unexpected twists and turns, The Housewives of Mannheim offers an empowering story about female relations. Tickets for this Indianapolis art event are $15.00 on Thursdays and Sundays; $20.00 on Fridays and Saturdays. For additional information about this Indianapolis performing arts venue, visit the Phoenix Theatre’s website.

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The Housewives of Mannheim
January 16 through February 6, 2010

The Phoenix Theatre

749 North Park Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202