Susurrus Performance Group Presents Love Stories: Modern Movement for Indianapolis Theatre

Susurrus Performance Group offers Indianapolis theatre a different take on performance. With a focus on providing Indianapolis people with a multidisciplinary arts experience, Susurrus provides both performance and educational opportunities to the Indianapolis community. This weekend Susurrus opens their newest show, Love Stories, directed by Michael Burke. It runs January 21 to 24 at the Irving Theatre in Irvington (East of Indianapolis downtown).

In total the Indianapolis art event, Love Stories, runs a little over one hour and contains three short pieces. The first, titled “The Unfortunate Man” explores the beginning stages of love in an unlikely setting: the circus. Can a sideshow act capture the heart of the star dancer? The second piece, “Don’t,” explores love at its end. What happens when you rush the ending? The final piece, “Epthis,” touches on the an unending search for love. How does one cope when there is no one to love?

Susurrus is a company of artists who live in a state of constant exploration. In there attempts to “expand the vocabulary of movement and performance,” Susurrus presents visually stimulating and thought provoking work. In a combination of dance, art, theatre, music and sound-scapes, Susurrus continually pushes the boundaries of live entertainment in Indianapolis.

Enter into a dialogue with this Indianapolis performing arts group as they talk about and move around love. Tickets to Love Stories are only $10.00 (a bargain considering the quality of Susurrus’ and Burke’s work in the past). For more information about Love Stories or about Susurrus Performance Group, visit their official website.

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Love Stories
January 21-24, 2010

The Irving Theater
5505 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN