Home Staging Top Ten List

  1. De-clutter. This should actually be numbers one through five. It is really that important. Begin evaluating your personal belongings by whether you want to move them to your new home. If not then it’s best to get rid of them now. This may seem overwhelming, but just take it one room or closet at a time. Try to think of it as early preparation for moving. If you are unsure of whether your home seems cluttered have an unbiased person give their opinion. Many times when you live in a home it is hard for you to see it through the eyes of a buyer and how they’ll perceive it upon their first visit.
  2. Clean. I know this seems very obvious but this is the type of clean Grandma would do each spring whether it was needed or not. Some examples would be scrubbing out the refrigerator, washing walls, dusting ceiling fans and steam cleaning carpets.
  3. Depersonalize. I know the pictures your 5 year old drew in school are just adorable hanging in the kitchen but it can be distracting to potential buyers. Put away family photos or simply insert a different picture into the frame. One suggestion for this is to print neutral photos from the web and place it in the frame.
  4. Paint. A gallon of paint can do wonders for a room and it’s inexpensive. Tone down any brightly colored walls you may have with a more neutral shade. It is also important to touch up any scratches on walls. Your local paint store will be able to color match for places that do not need an overall paint job.
  5. Curb appeal. Trim back any bushes and shrubbery that may be overgrown. This is especially important around the walkway so buyers can reach the front door with ease. Speaking of the front door, make sure it is clean at the very least. If it’s scratched or faded give it a fresh coat of paint.
  6. Tackle Deferred Maintenance. Start a list of all the little things that need to be fixed around the home no matter how small they are. Squeaky doors are easily fixed with spray lubricant or even cooking spray.  A slow draining sink may just be a buildup of hair or soap products. These can be easily cleaned by unscrewing the pipes beneath the sink, rinsing them out and putting back together.
  7. Windows. Clean all windows (inside and out), blinds and window treatments. If you have a fantastic view you surely don’t want potential buyers to miss it because of dirty windows.
  8. Organize the garage. Shelving can be your best friend to optimize space in the garage. You can easily install hooks to hang items on the walls or from the ceiling. Check the garage floor. If it’s dirty this is an easy fix with a pressure washer and a broom.
  9. Arrange furniture. It important that buyers can walk through the home with ease. Get rid of or store any pieces of furniture that don’t flow well with the home. Remember less is more when it comes to staging your home. You may consider buying new or renting furniture during the selling process if yours is worn.
  10. By now you may have trouble recognizing your own home. It may even appear as if no one lives there. If that is the case, you’ve accomplished your goal.