Duelin’ Quarterbacks at Super Bowl 44

For only the tenth time ever, the Super Bowl will be hosted in beautiful Miami this year, where the average temp in the daytime is nearly 80 degrees, even in February, and the nights rarely get below 60 degrees. It’s going to be a spectacular setting for a spectacular battle, centered around two legendary quarterbacks and their duel to the finish.

In the matchup between quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts‘ QB star, Peyton Manning, it’s Manning who captures the hearts and dollars of knowledgeable sports bettors around the world, not just back home in Indiana. After all, it was Manning who recently brought the Indianapolis sports team to the Super Bowl in 2007, (also in Miami), against the Chicago Bears, where the Colts overcame their opponents 29-17. Manning was named MVP for that game, his first Super Bowl title in a stellar ten-year career.

By contrast, the Saints are playing the Super Bowl this year for their very first time in a long and checkered NFL history of 43 years. Compounding this newbie disadvantage is the fact that the Colts have been there and done that very recently.

The vast majority of the betting on the big February 7 game may be for a superior Peyton Manning showing and a decisive Indianapolis victory, but as everybody knows, it wouldn’t be called betting if the outcome were a sure thing. The two duelin’ quarterbacks are both at the apex of their game and in their absolute primes. Brees is the best passer in the NFL and Manning is a four-time Colts MVP.

In the past season, Peyton Manning has played some of the best football in his career. Confident and strong, his pace just remains steady and formidable. While Drew Brees is also star material, and he pulls up the level of his team, his showing has not been as consistent nor as showy.

Of the two quarterbacks left standing, which will do better in Miami?

It’s still really anybody’s game. One thing is certain regarding the Super Bowl XLIV: It’s going to be a Super Bowl you tell your grandkids about.