Indianapolis Colts Game Day in My Household

As my family awaited the impending Indianapolis Colts game Sunday, we were hoping that a stray football would find a way to conk Coach Jim Caldwell in the head, we were all so mad that he let the Jets into the playoffs by resting his starters in the 16th regular season game.  We made our snacks, sat around our 47″ Sony Bravia (the same one our beloved Peyton Manning advertises) and let the games begin!


Well, it was a very rough start; by the end of the first ten minutes, we were cussing and fussing and eating and yelling, just like any football loving family.  We speculated that the Colts were indeed playing their last game.  My son called to share with me that the Jets had not done too much in the way of great skilled football, that their lead was just luck; this made me feel somewhat better, and then my nephew called to reinforce what my son had said.  Before we knew it, Peyton started doing some beautiful things, and Austin Collie started doing some beautiful things, and the defense started doing some beautiful things.   Wow, I thought, we might just win this game and go to the Super Bowl!  We were replacing our curses with high fives and were ready to move on to the dessert portion of our snacking.

Jubilation was felt throughout the house!  The Colts won!  I decided that Peyton Manning was the smartest player on earth and the Colts were unstoppable.

We now look to February 7th, when we will begin the time-honored family football ritual all over again, only this time with much more hoopla. Go Colts!!!