Indianapolis Colts Players Too Busy For 2nd Half of Pro Bowl

The NFL is beginning to wish it had not moved the date of the Pro Bowl. This year’s Pro Bowl game will be played the weekend before the Super Bowl, in a desperate attempt to boost ratings for the game. Apparently, the seven Indianapolis Colts players selected to play in the Pro-Bowl won’t stay through halftime to see the game’s conclusion. The Pro Bowl’s new date doesn’t seem to quite be panning out for the NFL this season.

As all devoted and proud Indianapolis Colts fans know, Quarterback Peyton Manning, safety Antoine Bethea, tight end Dallas Clark, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, center Jeff Saturday and defensive ends Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney were among the great athletes honored with an invitation to play the Pro Bowl. Though these Indianapolis Colts stars are excused from playing in the game because of their status as AFC Championship winners and Super Bowl XLIV participants, they still have to show at the game or else forfeit their game checks from the NFL. Winners of the Pro Bowl get $45,000, while the losers receive $22,500.

The seven Indianapolis Colts players will head in Fort Lauderdale to join the rest of the Pro Bowl players after finishing a Sunday morning practice. Then Monday morning they will travel back to South Florida for continued Super Bowl preparation.

Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian made an appearance on the Indianapolis media radio station WIBC-AM to discuss the Indianapolis Colts involvement in the Pro Bowl. He spoke to the “trickle down effect” the Pro Bowl is having on our beloved Indianapolis Colts. Polian was baffled that the league would force Colts players to leave training, fly to South Florida and sit in the stands of the Dolphin Stadium “to do Lord knows what.”

According to the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts are allowed to leave the Pro Bowl at halftime, only after they fulfill publicity requirements in the media and on television. The seven picks for the Pro Bowl from the New Orleans’ Saints are also planning to return home Sunday night, though no word yet if they will stay for the entire game.

The Pro Bowl on its new date and in its new location (it has been played in Hawaii for the past thirty years) seems to be racking up strikes against it. In addition to important Super Bowl athletes not staying through the final whistle, the game has been halted by a record 29 cancellations because of injuries and Super Bowl commitments. NFL fans have got to be asking themselves why the league is making such a headache for our loved teams. Is it simply to wring a few more dollars out of their already billion dollar industry?

Hopefully next year the NFL will take this negative feedback from NFL players and NFL fans as they plan next year’s Pro Bowl game. Until then, we will be able to see our seven Indianapolis Colts players watching the game from the sidelines, but only for the first half. We have more important things on our agenda then this Pro Bowl game, i.e. another Super Bowl win! Hoosiers are looking forward to seeing another ring  put on the fingers of Indianapolis Colts Players and another feather in the cap of Indianapolis sports!

Do you have Super Bowl plans yet? Not to fear, the Circle City is a buzz with excitement in the next two weeks as the Indianapolis Colts prepare for the ultimate showdown. Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars eagerly welcome Indianapolis people looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the game. Stay tuned to Fun City as we cover the Indianapolis Colts in their preparations to win another Super Bowl! Go Horse!