Indianapolis Colts Should Throw Super Bowl XLIV, Give Little Guy a Chance

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts should let the New Orleans Saints eke out a victory in Super Bowl XLIV this year. After all, by now Indianapolis fans are probably pretty sick of seeing Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, and the rest of the Blue Crew show the door to their opponents with the greatest of ease. This legendary Indianapolis sports team hasn’t had more than four losses since 2003, when they went 12-4 and somehow lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship.

For the past six years, the Indianapolis Colts have been dominating the NFL almost single handed. Sure, Peyton Manning and the bunch try to hide this fact by keeping their fans in suspense every game or so; the team is very good at playing dead and letting aspiring opponents rack up seemingly insurmountable leads early in the first quarter before going on an inexplicable scoring rampage. The New England Patriots might have tried to wrest the title of undisputed kings of the NFL from the Colts in the 2006-2007 season, but the New York Giants put a stop to that. No, if you ask almost anyone in the Circle City, they’ll tell you that the Colts are tops.

Enter the New Orleans Saints. The Saints used to be the compost heap of the NFL, lumped together with other dismal teams like the Houston Oilers and the modern day Oakland Raiders. This is a team that struggled for ten years to even make it to the playoffs; they deserve a little glory. Come to think of it, the Saints haven’t been to the Super Bowl once in their 40+ year history; add to that the devastation to their home town and their home field caused by the infamous Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and you have a Cinderella story that’s sure to tug on the heartstrings of even the most hardened Colts fanatic.


After all, it’s not like the Colts haven’t thrown games out of sympathy before. Just look at the last two games of the current regular season: the Colts rested their starters just so the lowly New York Jets (who, despite Indy‘s charity, still managed to lose in the playoffs) and the Buffalo Bills could end their seasons with victories. And, come on, Peyton, you just got a Super Bowl ring a couple of years ago when the Colts trounced the Bears on national television.

Video highlights of the Indianapolis Colts’ charity loss to the New York Jets


So, Colts, give Drew Brees a chance to show that Purdue University can still turn out a good quarterback or two. Let the Saints bring home the Lombardi trophy. Nobody in Indianapolis would mind. All the Hoosiers watching the game at Indianapolis bars would probably applaud your generous choice. No way would rabid fans flood downtown Indianapolis, tear down the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and march on Lucas Oil Stadium with torches and pitchforks. No way would your team be exiled back to Baltimore.

Go ahead and give someone else a shot at the Super Bowl, Indianapolis Colts. Your fans won’t be that upset…will they?