How to Stop the Colts’ Peyton Manning

Bronko Nagurski was the quintessential football player of the 1930s, much as Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is the quintessential football player today. When Vince Lombardi was asked how to stop Bronko Nagurski, he replied, “Shoot him before he gets out of the dressing room, because after that, we’re in trouble.”

Assuming that they’re not going to shoot Peyton, they’re probably going to try and put pressure on him. Best of luck with that; everybody’s tried and nothing seems to work.

Peyton Manning takes the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl 44 by trouncing the Jets 30 to 17. Here’s a video clip from that game.


If they rush more than four players, somebody is going to have single coverage or, as we refer to it here in Indiana, that is a gimme. In short, the more people they send to put pressure on Peyton, the less pressure they put on his receivers. On the other hand, if you drop more people into coverage, it just gives him more time.

Peyton Manning is like a kind surgeon. “Kind” because he allows you to select the place where he’s going to surgically cut you with his scalpel. You have to remember that Peyton Manning has been schooled since he was a child how to play quarterback.

His brother Eli is an NFL quarterback, his father Archie was an NFL quarterback, his mother Olivia was an NFL … no wait a minute, I think she played the Canadian League.

Any way you cut it, trying to rattle Peyton Manning is just ludicrous. There’s nothing you’re going to do that he hasn’t seen a thousand times before. So how about stopping the guys that catch the ball like Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie. Pierre Garcon and Joseph Addai.

The Jets’ strategy was pretty simple: Shut down Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne. But of course, they did not. They did divert enough attention to Clark and Wayne so that Collie and Garcon had a field day. Oh, and Addai had a 13-yard reception and averaged 5 yards per rush. (Did I mention that the New York Jets have the number one defense team in the NFL?)

My suggestion is we all chip in and buy Peyton Manning a bulletproof vest, because unless they shoot him before he gets out of the locker room, it’s all over but the shouting. We will be bringing the Lombardi trophy back to Indianapolis, and further beefing up the already stellar reputation of Indianapolis sports in general.