Super Bowl Village in Downtown Indianapolis for 2012’s SB XLVI

Is two years enough to build a village? Indianapolis citizens and Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. are determined to make an unforgettable event out of the 2012 Super Bowl. Super Bowl Village is manifesting itself right before Indy Hoosiers‘ eyes, and there is no doubt that it will be a worthy venue for the grand event.

“It’s our time!” says the entire enthusiastic Indianapolis society in one clarion voice.  The plan is to work together to create of the already beautiful Indianapolis downtown sector an impressive, festive and abundant space for partying together. And what better goal, in these trouble times, could there possibly be? In 2012, the “greatest party on earth” will be hosted at the newly-renovated, splashy Lucas Oil Stadium. Sprucing up the place is mandatory, but the planned Super Bowl Village goes far beyond just cleaning up a few dust bunnies.

Here’s Mark Miles of Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, explaining Indy’s intentions for the 2012 Super Bowl at a press conference.


Plans include the creation of specific pedestrian walkways to connect the major Indianapolis hotels, Indianapolis restaurants and downtown Indianapolis shopping venues to the Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the Super Bowl XLVI. The designated area for the Super Bowl Village  is north of Monument Circle, where there will be a huge outdoor concert featuring some of the most popular bands in Indianapolis and other cities in Indiana.

The Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis will be organized around what the 2012 Super Bowl Committee is calling “warm zones.” Fans and visitors will be able to enjoy a different type of entertainment on every “warm zone” corner. You might do a little line dancing at one corner, the amble down to the next intersection to listen to some jazz, and then on to the next to dance the night away with some sizzling live rock and roll.

Super Bowl Village, when all is said and done, will encompass a party zone of twenty blocks of prime downtown Indianapolis real estate. This enormous section will be party central for the main event, the projected celebration of the decade among Indianapolis events, even including the many great Indianapolis sports events. Modern, practical modular canopies, heaters and fire pits will ensure the comfort of revelers long into the night, no matter the weather.

Concurrent with the big Super Bowl 44 battle coming up in just over a week, between the Indianapolis Colts and the Saints, Indy leaders are going to Miami to have a look at the way events are being staged there. Nobody can say they Host Committee isn’t doing their homework.

Some $25 million has been donated thus far to make the Circle City‘s Super Bowl Village the best anyone has ever seen. Organizers have called for help from 8,000 volunteers and report that only 800 slots remain open, which points up the level of excitement already held by Indianapolis residents and Colts fans.

Lucas Oil Stadium
500 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46225