Downtown Crackers Comedy Club Welcomes John Fox

Cracker’s Comedy Club welcomes John Fox to their Indianapolis downtown stage February 3 through 6. A popular comedian in the early eighties, John Fox still enjoys regular rotations on many comedy club circuits. Tickets to this Indianapolis event range from $10.00 to $22.00, and show times are as early as 8:00 pm to as late as 10:30 pm. Enjoy this gem of an Indianapolis comedy club, practically in your own backyard.

John Fox kicked off his career in comedy on June 14, 1979 at the World Famous Comedy Store. Three months later he was a regular facet of their weekly performances. Six months after that John Fox busted into living rooms across the United States with an appearance on “Norm Crosby’s Comedy Shop.” After being introduced by Jack Albertson as “too cute to be funny, the Nick Nolte of comedy,” Fox knew he was destined for a solid career in comedy.

Since then he has traveled the country playing with some of comedy’s biggest names. His television credits include “Star Search,” “Make Me Laugh,” Showtime’s “Comedy Network,” “Rover Dangerfield” and many more. He has worked with comedians as big as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Rodney Dangerfield. He has been featured on “The Bob and Tom Show,” heard in Indianapolis on WFBQ. On top of this he is the inspiration for the song “The Legend of John Fox” by Pat Godwin.

Video: John Fox comes to Crackers Comedy Club Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana

No longer the spring chicken he was when related to Nick Nolte, Fox describes himself as looking more like “Captain Kangaroo” after a rough weekend. But ten years and twenty pounds later, he is still bring smiles to the faces of his audience night after night. In addition to being featured on the Red Neck Comedy Round Up DVD, John Fox was also seen in Rodney Dangerfield’s last two HBO specials. He even plays the voice of the pig in the animated feature “Rover Dangerfield,” a part Rodney Dangerfield referred to as “type-casting.”

Fox is a man of many faces and talents. With his finger in dozens of pies, John Fox has worked on jobs as varied as portraying “Goofy” at Disneyland to working on a pornographic 3D movie about the struggles of being a parent. A man of a thousand faces, Fox twists and contorts his face as if it were rubber, squeezing everything he can from every punchline he delivers.

Playboy magazine said of him, “He gets more mileage out of his face than any comic we’ve ever seen!” Variety described his charm: “He’s sort of like the whacked out, weirded, next door neighbor who drops by to borrow a beer and you can’t get rid of him type. Everyone has a friend like this. You just can’t help liking him.” For additional information about John Fox’s performance at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown, visit their official website.

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John Fox
February 3 through 6

Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis Downtown
247 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN