iMOCA Exhibit: Records by Kathryn Refi

iMOCA in Indianapolis downtown present new work from visual artist Kathryn Refi in their latest Indianapolis art exhibit Records. Admission is always free to all Indianapolis people. Open Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, iMOCA is the newest Indianapolis art museum working to enrich Indianapolis culture. Their latest exhibit, Records by Kathryn Refi, is an interesting meditation on the way we perceive the world around us.

Based in Athens, Georgia, Kathryn Refi’s daily life is documented visually in stimulating art pieces. By investigating her daily rituals and reorganizing them in an abstracted record, Refi decodes the world around her. Through mostly paintings and drawing and with the aid of some technology to capture data, Refi is able to capture a snapshot of intangible expression. Her process of collecting data accounts for a large part of her overall artistic product, making her work an unusual blend of investigatory science and abstract art.

Her new exhibit, Records, at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art offers a body of work born from these ideas including “All Things Considered, “Color Recordings,” and “My Address Book.” It is the most inclusive showing of her work to date. “All Things Considered” was created by listening to the NPR radio show of the same name in 2007. Refi made a detailed catalogue of every geographical location mentioned in the radio world news programs. From this, using small red markers, Refi created her own global map. Without the addition of country boundaries, a world emerges nonetheless. Refi seems to ask, “Are ALL things really considered?”

In “Color Recordings” Refi’s scientific process of data collection continues. For this piece, Refi explored the dominant colors that appear in a one week period of her life. She captured the colors by wearing a small camera in a hat for one week. The footage taken was then put into a computer program which identified 729 distinct hues. To make her painting Refi established a minimum amount of color required to include it in the painting (.125%/day). The process through which the painting was made sheds vast light on this abstract work.

In “My Address Book,” Refi hand painted 43 locations from her address book based on the perspective of satellite views acquired from the Internet. She deconstructs our understanding of location and its new dependence on technology.

For additional information about Records by Kathryn Refi at iMOCA, visit their website.

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Records by Kathryn Refi
Now through March 20

1043 Virginia Avenue
Suite 5
Indianapolis, IN 46203