Learn About the Indianapolis Brewing Company at the Indiana State Library

The Indianapolis Brewing Company has a rich and varied history in Indiana, discover its impact on the Hoosier economy, Wednesday at the Indiana State Library. This Indianapolis event goes from 11:oo am to 12:00 pm this Wednesday, February 10 in the Indiana Author’s Room. As always this Indianapolis education lecture is FREE to all Indianapolis people.

The Indianapolis Brewing Company had many different incarnations before it actually became known as the Indianapolis Brewing Company. Founded around 1868, it was originally known at P. Lieber Brewing Company. Peter Lieber was General Oliver Morton’s private secretary during the Civil War. He an his brother purchased the brewing firm Gack and Biser and renamed it P. Lieber Brewing Company. Since then it has been bought and sold three more times, operating under the names C.F. Schmidt Brewing Company, Casper Maus Brewery and finally the Indianapolis Brewing Company in 1887.

Over the course of its operation, the Indianapolis Brewing Company had a huge impact on Indianapolis economy. As Indianapolis’ oldest brewery, it had a measurable impact on Indianapolis business and Indianapolis society. It even sponsored a “Negro League” baseball team.

This Indiana State Library dives head first into this hoppy piece of Indianapolis history. The history of the Indianapolis Brewing Company is presented by Brent Abercrombie, a Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection Librarian. For additional information, visit the Indiana State Library’s official website. For more info on the Indianapolis Brewing Company check out their website here.

Head to Indianapolis downtown for a midweek educational break. This Indianapolis event will have you looking at your weekend brewskies through a whole different lens. Catch lunch at any of these great Indianapolis restaurants or try Indiana brews of today at these Indianapolis bars. Stay tuned to Fun City Finder.com for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. Let the Circle City be your playground!

Indianapolis Brewing Company
Wednesday, February 10 at 11:00 am

Indiana State Library
315 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204