Larry “Uncle Lar” Reeb Headlines Crackers Comedy Club Downtown

Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown is proud to welcome Larry “Uncle Lar” Reeb February 10 through 13, with his wisecracking tips! Tickets for this Indianapolis event range from $10.00 to $20.00; show times are as early as 8:00 pm to as late as 10:30 pm. Head to the heart of the Circle City this week for some solidly sardonic advice from everyone’s favorite Uncle Lar!

Larry Reeb’s stage persona, Uncle Lar, is that special kind of relative. You know the one, everybody loves the wise-cracking black sheep until they have finished their bottle of bourbon and the wise cracks turn to slurred insults. But we laugh nonetheless, all he wants to do is give advice. Reeb’s humor is based on his own twisted take on this common thread of many family get togethers. Always quick to give “tips from your Uncle Lar,” Reeb touches on everything from marriage to lotteries to children.

A classic and distinct character, Reeb has been entertaining audiences for decades. With a strong cult following, fans of Larry Reeb come from far and wide to visit with their Uncle Lar. His sarcastic outlook on the world colors his wit with a sly humor. His twisted observations come in the form of rapid fire one liners, ready to take even the most serious person by shock. In the word of Uncle Lar himself, “It’s a sick world and I’m a happy guy.”

Video: Larry Reeb at Crackers Comedy Club Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana

Reeb thrives by traversing to through the depths of humanity from obscene phone calls to adultery. His stage show is custom built to handle hecklers, which often cause Reeb to kick it up a notch for an even better show. As a regular on the “Bob and Tom Show” (heard in Indianapolis on WFBQ), Larry Reeb has established a place for himself in the comedy world. He has even been voted Chicago Comedian of the Year!

For additional information about what’s happening at this Indianapolis comedy club, visit Crackers Comedy Club’s official website.

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Larry “Uncle Lar” Reeb
February 10 through 13

Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis Downtown
247 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN