Planet Indy Presents “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

The Indianapolis Museum of Art continues their Planet Indy series Thursday, February 11, 2010 with “Who Killed the Electric Car?” at 5:30 pm in the Tobias Theatre. This Indianapolis event, titled “The Ascent of the Electric Car” not only features a screening of the popular documentary, but a post show discussion led by the film’s director, Chris Paine. Tickets to this Indianapolis art event are $7.00 for Indianapolis people, $4.00 for members of this Indianapolis art museum, and FREE to Indianapolis kids with a valid student ID.

If you have ever paid more than $3.00 per gallon of gas to fill up your vehicle, you understand the possible value of electric car ownership. In 2010, hybrid vehicles and electric cars are flooding the roadways as the latest technology of the automotive industry. But did you know that this innovation is no spring chicken? More than a decade old, electric cars began to fill highways and byways back in 1996. One filmmaker, Chris Paine, set out to discover why it took so long for the United States to catch on to this automotive advancement.

“Who Killed the Electric Car?” is a documentary released in 2006. It explores the electric car’s creation, restricted commercialization and its destruction, which followed. Paine reaches into the minds of corporate and governmental leaders to explore their obvious motives against the promotion of the electric car, and what is worse, their backing of the SUV over this environmentally friendly creation. Paine dissects how consumers embraced the Sports Utility Vehicle over the electric car, and in the process reveals the larger story of car culture in America.

Video: Trailer of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” at the IMA, Indianapolis, Indiana


The film touches on the roles that automobile manufactures, the United States government, California state government, batteries, hydrogen vehicles and consumers all played to limit the spread of the electric car in the United States auto market. Now that hybrid and electric vehicles have become the rage (after spiking oil prices) Paine is currently in production for a follow up to his documentary titled “The Revenge of the Electric Car” and set for release in 2011.

After you watch “Who Killed the Electric Car?” stay for a discussion lead by Chris Paine himself, as part of the Planet Indy Series. Hear the filmmaker speak to the progress the electric car has made since his film’s release, the “relationship between good design and sustainability,” and re-imagining our own mobility. After the discussion, take a close up look at an electric car at the IMA. Also find out about Indiana businesses manufacturing electric vehicles in the Hoosier state.

After this great IMA program, head to the nearby Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village, for a dense selection of Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars. There literally is something for everyone in Broad Ripple Village.

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“Who Killed the Electric Car”
Thursday, February 11, 2010
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Indianapolis Museum of Art
4000 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208

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