Bio: Mark Cline

By day, Mark Cline is a freelance journalist. By night…well he is still just a freelance journalist. Based in the quaint neighborhood of Broad Ripple Village on the north side of Indianapolis, Cline is a relative new comer to Indiana.

Cline was born in New York City, but raised in the epicenter of the world that is New Jersey. Mark also did a four year stint in Baltimore, MD, before making the Circle City his new home three years ago. Scattered amongst these permanent dwellings, Cline has traveled extensively. From his months spent working on a nonexistent Celtic tan on the Gold Coast of Australia to backpacking the Emerald Isle, Mark considers all travel the greatest education one can obtain.

You most likely would have heard about his arrival back in 2007, but the Indianapolis Colts won their first Super Bowl the very same day. While the buildings aren’t as tall and the hills are nonexistent, Cline easily understands why locals take so much pride in being a Hoosier.

Mark Cline spent four years pursuing a psychology degree at Towson University in Maryland, and is currently working his way through a sports journalism degree at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis. That said, Cline still considers falling just one day short of a perfect attendance record in Mrs. Tomko’s fourth grade class as his greatest academic achievement to date.

As of this posting, Cline has never won any sort of award or prize for his stylistic prose. However, he has been told on several different occasions that he writes a very touching and sentimental birthday card. While Cline is up for any challenge journalistically speaking, he is often found on the FunCityFinder Indianapolis sports, Indianapolis arts and Indianapolis history pages.

From the steps of Monument Circle to the paths of the Monon Trail, Cline has made it his mission to learn anything and everything possible about his new hometown. He can most often be found wandering around aimlessly through the many Indianapolis museums and art houses, or trying to figure out what went wrong with the Indiana Pacers.

Two of Mark’s favorite spots in the capital city are the Indianapolis IndiansVictory Field in White River State Park, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Victory Field is one of the overlooked gems of Indianapolis, and is well worth a visit, no matter what your opinion of baseball is. Cline feels both the grounds and collection of the IMA are stunning and  can rival those of almost any city worldwide.

Being an avid sports fan his entire life, Mark Cline has thoroughly enjoyed being able to refer to himself in the third person throughout  this bio, and now understands why professional athletes tend to do it so often.

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