IndyTalks: 7 Simultaneous Lectures

Wondering if there’s anything new and different on the long roster of Indianapolis events these days? IndyTalks presents “Simultaneous Lecturers: Indy Arts and Globalization” on Wednesday, February 24, free of charge at the Clowes Auditorium in the Indianapolis Public Library. Now, before you start yawning, take note: This is no ordinary educational lecture.

Seven prominent members of the Indianapolis arts community will come together to present their points of view on the subject of Indianapolis arts and globalization. The really interesting aspect of this already interesting presentation is that all the featured speakers will be talking at the same time. Members in the audience will have the ability to control each presenter’s volume and “listen in” on their preferred snippets.

Go inside the Indianapolis Marian County Public Library in this “Meet the Artists” video.


In today’s fast-paced technological society, multi-tasking is becoming a way of life. We watch television, text message, eat, drink, do our homework and our nails pretty much simultaneously. Movies are cut with increasingly faster scenes made up of edits that last only fractions of a second. News programs offer brief “need-to-know” distillations of longer stories, overlaid by headlines of interest regarding completely unrelated subjects.

And we are gradually getting used to this tidal wave of information. Indeed, our fabulously pliable human brains demand ever more input to feel satiated, even for brief periods of time.

One of many fascinating things to do in Indianapolis, this IndyTalks program will be a psychedelic adventure into the minds of seven creative, well-known Hoosiers, and every audience member will be treated to a surreal whirlwind of ideas that will, at the very least, ignite their own creative minds.

After the lectures, audience members will have a chance to share their own feelings and ideas sparked by this unique experience, during a facilitated wind-down session. After the facilitated public discussion, if your synapses are still firing, think about tooling over to the Indianapolis downtown Athenaeum‘s Rathskeller Restaurant, a favorite Indianapolis restaurant and bar,  for some unofficial “freelanced conversations” officially about what the heck just happened over at the library.

The IndyTalks Simultaneous Lectures at Clowes promise to provide fast brain food such as you may never have experienced before in your life. How often do you get to say, “I just experienced something totally new”?

The IndyTalks initiative is a series of interactive programs presented throughout Indianapolis with the multi-level goals of:

  • Creating a respectful sense of community across all facets of Indianapolis society
  • Examining the future of Indiana through dialogs from differing perspectives
  • Encouraging lively interchanges on a variety of topics, from art in Indy to Indianapolis education, faith, heritage and future directions.

“Converse. Connect. Create.” is the IndyTalks slogan.

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Seven Simultaneous Lecturers: Indy Arts and Globalization
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Free to the public

Clowes Memorial Hall

4602 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Rathskeller Restaurant and Bar
401 E Michigan St
317.655.2755 X155: Ask for Cassie Stockamp

History of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library
Visit the IndyTalks website