Brownsburg Indiana Real Estate Report

Snow wasn’t the only thing falling in January.  Home sales in Brownsburg, Indiana reached a 6-month low, falling from 36 units in December 2009 to just 20 in January 2010. This represents a 48.7% decrease in total sales for the Brownsburg real estate market since August 2009.

Meanwhile, new home listings increased 7.3%, rising from 219 in December 2009 to 235 in January 2010. Pending sales dropped slightly during this same period from 36 units sold in December 2009 to 28 in January 2010.

But virtually all real estate markets are down across the U.S. due to the less-than-ideal weather.  It’s not as easy as to see the curbside appeal of a home when it’s covered under a 1-foot blanket of snow compared to that same home in spring or summer.  I’m optimistic that that sale of Brownsburg homes will improve soon.  In the meantime, stay warm — better weather is coming.