Carmel Indiana Real Estate Report

Near the end of 2009 the Carmel real estate market experienced a steady decline in the number of new listings, going from 765 in October to just 633 in December.  The new year marked a reversal of this trend with 663 new listings.

Meanwhile, the number of Carmel homes sold reached a new 6-month low, going from 122 units in August, 2009 to just 47 units in January, 2010.

Pending sales dropped from 56 in December, 2009 to 51 in January, 2010.

But all is not as bad as the numbers might suggest, considering that the six-month period in question spans two different seasons; essentially going from the end of summer to the depths of winter.  One would expect a decline in home sales in the winter compared to the summer.  So hang tight, Carmel Indiana.  The winter won’t last forever.