Danville Indiana Real Estate Report

The number of Danville homes for sale increased from 90 in December, 2009 to 98 in January, 2010. While the average total number of days spent on the market went from 74 in December to 90 in January, 2010 it still a ways from the 6-month high that was set in November of 2009.  If you ask me, to be able to sell a home in just 3 months in a less-than-vibrant real estate market is not bad.

Meanwhile, the total number Danville homes sold in January 2010 dropped just 2 units from the previous month’s total of 10.  On average, sellers got 93% of their list price. The median price paid for a home was approximately $204,000.

While the outlook for the Danville real estate market is anything but certain one thing’s for sure: the mercury in the thermometer is soon to rise with the coming of spring.  Hopefully, warmer weather in Danville, Indiana will translate into a warmer market.