Indianapolis Cultural Trail Earns $20.5 Million in Federal Stimulus Funding

Pedestrians, nature lovers, and members of the Indianapolis art scene just got a little boost from the United States government: a $20.5 million boost, to be exact. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, an in-progress network of pathways, Indianapolis businesses, Indianapolis art, and other Indianapolis attractions was awarded the $20.5 million in stimulus funding as part of the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) initiative, a program funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Video overview of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which just received a $20.5 million federal stimulus boost


The $20.5 million dollars will be used to complete the rest of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Currently, only the East Corridor of the trail is completed. The East Corridor is parallel to Alabama Street and runs from Market Street to North Street, passing through Mass Ave along the way. With the federal funding, the new Indianapolis non-profit organization called Indianapolis Cultural Trail Inc. will complete the connections between the Southeast Corridor, the Central Corridor, and the West Corridor. There’s only one stipulation to the federal grant: the money must be used before 2011, meaning that the Indianapolis Cultural Trail will be complete in time for Super Bowl XLVI, which will be hosted at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Informational video by Gail Payne about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which recently received a federal grant


Prior to the federal grant, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail had been funded by a vast network of Indianapolis organizations, companies, and independent investors, most notably by Eugene and Marilyn Glick. The owners of the Gene B. Glick Company donated $15 million to the project in 2006. Other sponsors of the cultural trail include the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Greenways Foundation (the sponsor of the Indy Greenways), the Indiana Sports Corporation, and many others. With the new federal funding, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail promises to be one of the largest Indianapolis attractions, paving the way for a greener future.