Beth Johnson, Everyday Hoosier Powerhouse Director of the Ronald McDonald House for Indiana

What makes a house a home? Ask Beth Johnson, a Hoosier woman from a family of ten kids who today heads up a 52-room facility and treats it as the safe haven it truly is.

Indianapolis‘ own Beth Johnson is the Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. This philanthropic organization provides a comfortable place to stay for parents of seriously ill Indianapolis children being cared for at Indianapolis health care facilities such as the well-known Riley Hospital for Children. The donation is a low ten dollars a night, which gives parents and families the ability to count on a secure and welcoming place to stay when they need time away from making hospital visits with their kids. Another benefit guests receive is simply to be around the presence of other families who find themselves in the same predicament.

Meet Beth Johnson in this video featuring her speech at the Season of Giving concert for the Ronald McDonald House during Christmas of 2009.


Ms Johnson, 55, is a graduate of T.C. Howe High School, which prides itself on turning out the future leaders of the Circle City and its environs. In Beth Johnson’s case, it clearly worked. She went on to get her degree from Purdue University in Indy and in 1990, reached the top position at the Indiana Ronald McDonald House.

Coming from parents who were both educators themselves, Johnson’s says her college preparation, which focused on human services management, political science and urban planning, has served her well in her chosen field. The knowledge and experience she brings to her job, coupled with her heart and devotion, make her an outstanding member of Indianapolis society and well-respected among Indianapolis people.

The goal of the Ronald McDonald House is to provide terminally ill children’s families an environment that cultivates physical, emotional and spiritual strength, so that they can, in turn, offer 100% toward the support and care of their sick kids.

Johnson likes to point out how strong terminally ill children really are, and how their strength can actually help the adults who love them to learn acceptance.

For Beth Johnson, another favorite characteristic of her job is the group of volunteers with which she works every day. Like the born leader she is, she gives the volunteers ultimate credit for the Ronald McDonald House’s overwhelming success and excellent reputation as an important Indianapolis charity organization.

Ronald McDonald House of Indiana
435 Limestone St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-2826

If you would like to consider making a donation to the worthy cause championed at the Ronald McDonald House, visit the website here.

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