Fishers Indiana Real Estate Report

The number of Fishers homes for sale in January 2010 was up from its December total of 550, closing out at 555 total units.  This, for the most part, follows a trend that started in September of 2009 wherein the number of homes for sale has decreased from month to month.   Following this same pattern, over the past six months the Fishers real estate market has seen a steady decline in the number of homes sold, with just 56 units sold;  that’s a 63-percent decrease from the six-month high that was set in August of 2009 when 149 units were sold.

A few other noteworthy stats:

  • The average number of days spent on the market was 71.
  • The median price was approximately $225,000.
  • One average, Fishers homes sold for around 97-percent of the list price.
  • The absorption rate based on pending sales was 14.8 percent.

Because Fishers, Indiana is still an appealing community with lots to offer I believe the real estate market will rebound, but only time will tell.  The market is dynamic and that is the one sure constant.