Bio: Casey Brackney

Casey Brackney was born and bred in the Hoosier state. More specifically, in the small town of Greencastle, Indiana, which is home to the greasy spoon and international phenomenon known as Marvin’s Restaurant. That’s in addition to being the home of DePauw University, which mainly exists to stock Marvin’s with ravenous 2:00 a.m. customers.

If you think you’ve seen Casey running around the Circle City, there is a 50% chance you are correct. She has a twin sister and the two have spent all 20-something years of their lives playing tricks on teachers, boyfriends, and the occasional family member.

After high school, Casey decided 18 years of small-town fun wasn’t enough and enrolled at DePauw University. Four years of writing classes, sorority food, and subsequent late-night Marvin’s visits later, she graduated with a degree in English Writing.

While at DePauw, Casey had the opportunity to intern for four months in the Big Apple at NBC late night, where she learned all about the hours of censorship and force-feeding celebrities their lines that go into the making of Saturday Night Live.

And due to the combination of the extreme cold that is NYC in February and an unending fear of the subway, she also learned the value of a very warm coat. In addition, Casey completed a second internship with Seventeen Magazine, where she came to realize the true meaning of the term “slave to fashion” and discovered she doesn’t trust office buildings that do not allow their employees to wear jeans to work.

Today, Casey resides in Indy and spends much of her time taming her wild mixed breed fur child Riley, who was adopted under false pretenses–the animal shelter reassured her he would only grow to 30 pounds. When she’s not being walked by Riley, Casey can be found hanging out at some of her favorite Indianapolis restaurants with friends.

Casey loves to travel and is more often than not planning her next adventure. She is a true Midwestern girl at heart though and always returns to Naptown, where she can park for free and attend a baseball game for only $8. When one doesn’t like baseball enough to watch a Cubs game on TV but lives for ballpark hot dogs, the grassy hill of Victory Field is the way to go.

Casey’s biggest goal in life is to pen a romance novel, but until that dream becomes a reality, if you’d like to read her work you can pick up a copy of The WiseGuides Guide to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Casey contributed to this handy fan book on everyone’s favorite Indianapolis sport, covering the most important aspects of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race—such as the Princess Program and the best places to tailgate.

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