Plainfield Indiana Real Estate Report

Over the past 6 months the graph representing the number of Plainfield homes for sale has taken on a u-shape, book-ended by the months of August 2009 and January 2010 which totaled 216 and 211 listings respectively.  Meanwhile, the line representing the total number of homes sold in the Plainfield real estate market took on a more inverted shape, with the peak having occurred in the months of September and October of 2009. The total number of homes sold in January, 2010 was the lowest in 6 months, tallying just 12 homes sold. The number of pending sales, surprisingly, jumped 25-percent from 15 in December to 20 in January.

The average time spent on market for Plainfield homes dropped slightly from 91 last month to 87 in January – not great news but good news nonetheless.  What is good news is that the average sold price rebounded from a less-than-impressive December of just 127 units to a more respectable 153 in January.

While ‘plain’ is probably not the best adjective to describe it, the town of Plainfield, Indiana is still a nice, simple community where homes can still be found at affordable prices and good neighbors are free.