Its Oscar Time at the Indiana State Library

The Academy Awards are fast approaching and the Indiana State Library is getting in on the action. This Wednesday, March 3 join the Indiana State Library for “It’s Oscar Time,” and get a glimpse at Indiana’s several brushes with fame. This Indianapolis event last from 11:00 am to noon and is FREE  to all Indianapolis people.

Join Marcia Caudell, the Reference and Government Services Collection Librarian, for a glimpse into Indiana’s interaction with Hollywood. Indiana has a great tradition of authors. Booth Tarkington, Theodore Dreiser and Kurt Vonnegut are just a few of the masters of prose who make Indiana literary history great. But did you know that another great tradition many Hoosier authors follow in finds their novels adapted into award winning movies?

At the Indiana State Library this Wednesday learn about the writers that turn a spotlight on Indiana when it comes time to hand out those golden Oscars. For instance, did you know the author of The Desperate Hours hailed from Indianapolis? Joseph Hayes graduated from Arsenal Technical High School and Indiana University. During a brief stint in Florida, he wrote the now famed novel, which was adapted into a film in 1990 starring Mickey Rourke, Anthony Hopkins and Mimi Rogers.

George Barr McCutcheon is second only to Booth Tarkington for the number of films made from his writing. The most well known (and the most fun in my opinion) was Brewster’s Millions, which was made into a film six times in 1914, 1921, 1926, 1935, 1945 and 1985. The final version stars the hilarious Richard Pryor.

Everyone in the United States, who has cable, has seen A Christmas Story more times than they can count. But did you know Jean Shepherd, who moved to Hammond, Indiana when he was only an infant, wrote the film based on his childhood in Hammond? It even had a sequel in 1994 called It Runs in the Family.

Gene Brewer graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. He went onto write the novel K-Pax, published in 1995. In 2001, a filmed adaptation was released starring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. Meggin Patrick Cabot penned The Princess Diaries after graduating from Bloomington High School. Her novel was made into a film in 2001 starring Ann Hathaway and Julie Andrews.

The list goes on and on. But one thing is for sure, these Hoosier have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. Learn which Indiana authors garnered the most attention on Oscar night this Wednesday, March 13 at the Indiana State Library. Gear up for the Academy Awards this Sunday, March 7 at “It’s Oscar Time.”

Don’t miss this fun Indianapolis education event in Indianapolis downtown. After the lecture, grab lunch at any of the delicious Indianapolis restaurants nearby. Stay tuned to Indianapolis News, Events and Information on Fun City for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. We cover everything from Indianapolis attractions to Indianapolis shopping and more. This is Katelyn Coyne saying, “Make the Circle City your playground!”

It’s Oscar Time
Wednesday, March 3
11:00 am to Noon

Indiana State Library
315 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202