Spotlight Players Go Biblical with “John, His Story”

The Spotlight Players of Beech Grove, Indiana add to Indianapolis theatre this month with John, His Story March 5 through 15. This four person play offers a retelling of the fourth Gospel to bring the story of Easter to life. Don’t miss this Indianapolis performing arts group as they tackle some heavy subject matter this Spring.

In John, His Story, four actors portray more than twenty characters as they bring the Gospel of John to life on stage before your eyes. The play chronicles the seven signs Jesus Christ is said to have performed prior to the fateful end of his life. On a sparse set with minimal props and basic costumes, each actor picks up an array of parts from His disciples, beggars, wedding guests, the wealthy, the ordinary and everyday people that witnessed the miracles of Jesus. In an dynamic and lyrical script by Jeannette Clift George, the life of Jesus is portrayed through the eyes of John to Baptist, the singular disciple that stayed true to Jesus until the very end at Calvary.

The actors in John, His Story transport their audience to various locations around Galilee, said to have played host to Jesus’ miracles. From a pool at Bethesda where Christ heals a paralyzed man to the feeding of five thousand people, the play is an ode to the life of Jesus Christ. Watch as water is turned into wine, Lazrus is raised from the dead, a blind man sees again and Jesus walks on water. Find yourself enrapt in this actor driven show by the Spotlight Players.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 6:00 pm. Tickets $12.00 for Indianapolis people and $10.00 for Seniors, Indianapolis kids and students. Grab dinner and drinks in Beech Grove, Indiana at these great Beech Grove restaurants and Beech Grove bars, or head back to Indy for wonderful Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars.

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John, His Story
March 5 to March 15

Spotlight Players
524 Main Street
Beech Grove, IN 46107