Wayne Township Real Estate Report

There was good news for home sellers in Wayne township in January of 2010 as buyers paid an average cost per square foot of $43.  This nearly matches the 6-month high of $43 per square foot that occurred in August of 2009.

Homes for sale in Wayne township spent an average of 78 days on market.  While this was up a bit from December’s total of 72 it was still significantly down the 6-month high of 111 days that occurred in August of 2009.

The not-so-great news for the Wayne township real estate market was that the total number of homes sold dropped to a 6-month low of just 73 in January.   This figure represents nearly a 43-percent decrease from the 6-month high of 128 homes sold in August of 2009.  Fortunately for home sellers the total number of homes for sale held pretty much steady at 851, or just barely a 1-percent increase over December’s total of 844 homes listed for sale. This is 12.2 percent of the total 6,959 homes for sale on the Indianapolis real estate market.

Some other pertinent statistics:

  • The typical home for sale spent an average of 78 days on market.
  • Sellers, on average, received 94 percent of their list price.
  • Home buyers paid an average of $43 per square foot.
  • The average ‘sold’ price was $66,000.
  • The median ‘sold’ price was $69,000.

This figures for Wayne township represent a subset of the collective figures for Indianapolis, Indiana.