Dog Tricks Amaze in 101 Dalmatians

Clowes Memorial Hall, of Butler University, presents 101 Dalmatians to Indianapolis theatre Tuesday, March 9 through Sunday, March 14. Based on the popular children’s story, this Broadway smash offers live rescued dalmatians, huge song and dance numbers and all your favorite characters. Perfect for the whole family, your Indianapolis kids will be overjoyed at this Indianapolis arts experience.

This Broadway theatre experience delves into the meaning of both family and courage. Dodie Smith’s beloved children’s book The 101 Dalmatians delves deeper than just good versus bad; it demonstrates how families can band together to overcome even the most insurmountable of obstacles. Watch at the Dalmatians and Mr. and Mrs. Pongo go head to head with the evil Cruella De Vil and her henchmen the Baddun brothers.

Originally published in 1957, Smith’s book is reinvented for the stage by a lively contemporary score from Dennis DeYoung, founding member of the rock group Styx and composer of music for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. BT McNicholl wrote a charming stage adaptation of Smith’s book using the same kind of wit and humor he employed for Spamalot, Billy Elliot and Cabaret. This creative team was headed by the unmatchable Jerry Zaks, who struck it big with La Cage Aux Folles, Smokey Joe’s Cafe and Everybody Loves Raymond.

The story goes like this: A young married couple of Dalmatians, named Pongo and Mrs. Pongo, are lucky to own two married humans Mr. and Mrs. Dearly. As the foursome settle down, Mrs. Pongo is visited by the lovely stork, giving birth to a litter of dalmatians. As the couple attempts to find good homes for each of the fifteen puppies, they are visited by the maniacal Cruella de Vil. She intends to amass the largest sum of dalmatian puppies ever, in order to make a one of a kind dog skin fun coat. As she attempts to steal the cute young puppies, both chaos and adventure ensue.

BT McNicholl explains the wonderful part of the latest version of 101 Dalmatians, “Here is an enchanting, upside down vision of the world: seeing life from the dogs’ point of view. Embracing this wonderfully daft proposition, we are instantly transported to a slightly topsy turvy, exciting, and altogether fantastic reality that gives grand license for song, dance and spectacle.”

The dogs take on a leading role in more ways than one. This unique production features the most talented troupe of dalmatians ever. Rascal, Bella, Bert, DX, Envy, Forks, Frankie, Gracie, Hanna, Jada, Lacy, Phoenix, RV, Stanley and Tanner were all rescued from kennels across the United States. Using the show as a platform for animal awareness, the cast and creative team of 101 Dalmatians stress the importance of understanding the kind of commitment dog ownership is.

Video: 101 Dalmatians at Clowes Memorial Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dalmatians are high energy animals synonymous with bright red fire trucks. But many people do not understand that dalmatians are a lot of work, requiring multiple daily walks, toys, vet visits and love. Every year more than six millions healthy, happy animals find themselves in animal shelters, simply because their owners did not understand the life long process of animal ownership. Most will be euthanized because there are not enough homes to go around.

Watch as these rescued animals share their new lease on life, complete with onstage tricks that steal the show. 101 Dalmatians is at Clowes Memorial Hall March 9 through March 14. Tickets for this Indianapolis event range from $22.00 to $67.00 depending on date and seat. For more information about the show visit the official 101 Dalmatians website.

Grab dinner before the show in the nearby Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village. With a wide variety of Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars, there is something for everyone in Broad Ripple Village. Stay tuned for Indianapolis News, Event and Information on Fun City for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. Make the Circle City your playground.

101 Dalmatians
March 9 through March 14, 2009

Clowes Memorial Hall

4602 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208