ISO Does Shostakovich and Stravinsky This Weekend

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is a relied upon source for both Indianapolis culture and Indianapolis music. This is, perhaps, because of the breadth of music and musical programs they produce and bring to the Circle City. This weekend the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra delves into the music of Shostakovich and Stravinsky. These Russian born composers not only offer some of the most complex classical music arrangements, but also a glimpse into a society troubled by Stalinist bureaucracy.

Shostakovich composed music in the Soviet Union during his lifetime, which spanned from 1906 to 1975. He is, in fact, one of the most celebrated composers of the twentieth century. His career as a composer was colored by a tumultuous relationship with the Stalinist government. His music was officially denounced twice, yet at other times in his career he received some the highest awards and honors from the state. He even served in the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

His success, and survival, in such an oppressive state hinged on his ability to create music that pleased the authorities, while simultaneously subverting their decrees. In his work “The Year 1905,” which will be heard at the Hilbert Circle Theatre as part of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming concert, is a perfect example of the careful line he walked in his compositions. The piece was inspired by the demonstration outside the Czar’s palace, which ultimately turned into a massacre. This event sparked the beginning of the Russian Revolution. The symphony’s message remains unclear even today. Was Shostakovich celebrating the people’s dominance over autocracy or shaming the communist government, which wielded the same oppression as the Czarist regime?

In addition to Shotakovich’s 11th Symphony “The Year 1905,” the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will also present Igor Stravinsky’s “Violin Concerto” and Modest Petrovich Mussorgsy’s “Sunrise over the Moscow River.” Hannu Linto returns to conduct the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra through these monumental pieces. Plus Indiana University graduate, Corey Cerovsek, will solo in the Violin Concerto. Since graduating as a teenage prodigy from Indiana University, Cerovsek has gone onto earn advanced degrees in both violin and mathematics.

Don’t miss this Indianapolis art event at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. With prime Indianapolis real estate on Monument Circle, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra offers a full experience of the Circle City. After the concert take a carriage ride around the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument or explore Indianapolis downtown.

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Shostakovich and Stravinsky
Friday, March 12 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, March 13 at 5:30 pm

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Hilbert Circle Theatre
45 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN