Perry Township Real Estate Report

The total number of homes sold in Perry Township rose from 47 in January to 55 in February, 2010.  While this is a 17 percent increase over the 1-month period home sales were still down 11.3 percent compared to last February when 62 homes sold.  In near lockstep with closed sales, the number of pending sales rose 16.9 percent, finishing at 76 for the month of February.  This is a 20.6-percent increase compared to last February and a 22.6-percent increase over the past 15-month period.  The total number of homes for sale in Perry Township also rose 17 percent from 547 in January to 575 in February.  This is a 5-percent decrease versus February of 2009.

The sold-list differential remained high at a respectable 96 percent–a 1-percent increase from the previous month and a 3-percent increase over last February’s total of 93 percent.  The average sold-list differential over the most recent 12-month period was 95.9 percent.

Perry Township real estate spent an average of 84 days on market in February compared to 57 days the previous month.  While this is a net increase of 47 percent it is still down 4.5 percent from last February when homes spent an average of 88 days on market.

Some other pertinent stats:

Buyers paid an average of $58 per square foot in February compared to $53 last year this same time.  The 12-month average as $57.70.

While February’s average ‘sold’ price of $99,000 was up 10 percent compared to last February it was down a bit from the 12-month average of  $103,500.

The median home price for homes in this area of Indianapolis, Indiana as $97,000—a 14 percent increase from last month and an 18-percent increase from a year ago.