Butler Bulldogs Win and It’s on to the Final Four in Indianapolis

If you were watching yesterday’s pregame show between Butler University and Kansas State, you would conclude there was really no reason for Butler to even show up. Kansas State, with a much better-known team, had better guards, better forwards and a better center. Oh, and also a better coach.

Before yesterday’s game, it looked like the only consolation for Butler was that they were going to get to go back to Indianapolis anyway, because that’s where the Final Four will be duked out this year. Evidently the Butler team didn’t get this message. Or perhaps they did, because they out-fought, out-scrapped and out-played Kansas State, winning 63 to 56. So next Saturday, it’s back home again in the Lucas Oil Stadium, the center of Indianapolis sports and, at least temporarily, the center of the world for college basketball fans across Indiana and the United States.

Video clip of the last minute of the game against Kansas State that sent the Butler Bulldogs to the 2010 Final Four


The Butler University campus is only five minutes from the stadium, so the energy level there and in downtown Indianapolis has shot up several notches. The Butler Bulldogs will, in fact, be the first team to play in a Final Four at their home town since 1972.

The Final Four is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tournament, held over a nineteen-day tournament during March and April. It culminates this year on Saturday, April 3rd and Monday, April 5th. On April 3rd, the “Final Four” teams pair up in the Semifinal competition, and the Finals, the last huzzah of the “Big Dance” that determines the outcome of all this “March Madness,” will be held on April 5th,  the following Monday, between the best of the best.

Lots of Hoosiers are betting on the Butler Bulldogs to win this year. But reportedly, the team is hanging tight against all the “hooplah.” Do they have a chance in the Final Four? No matter what, they’ve accomplished something of a David vs. Goliath-style miracle already.